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The player’s objective is basically to be victorious in pre-prepared campaigns of the game, which offers a ranked system similar to League of Legends. To win a multiplayer online campaign, you must eliminate your opponents, which is done by destroying not only their armies, but by demolishing all their buildings – again, the same principle behind WarCraft.

There are several game modes within SCII, including 1×1 deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag and several others. The settings, as you might expect, are sci-fi in the space sub-genre, with the storyline behind the game being a war between three races – the player takes part in the combat by taking on a character from one of these races.

Odds and markets in StarCraft 2

Starcraft betting

Each bookmaker will work with its own algorithm generated odds, but predictions are always based, at least initially, on what rank the competitors are, their recent performance and other related statistics.

The markets are, of course, related to intra-game possibilities, which include the number of maps to be played, the winner of each, actual winner and more. Let’s look at the main eSport betting markets in StarCraft II, then.

Match Winner

The most common of all bets, this is about betting on who will win the match overall – not just on the first map, note. SCII is a game competed in a Best of Three format, so the final winner will never be decided before at least two rounds.

Total maps

Another fairly simple but time-honoured wager is the map total, which only presents two options in StarCraft II: 2 or 3. Since the game operates on a Best of Three system, the options generally appear in the Over/Under (plus/minus) 2.5 format.

StarCraft 2 betting websites

Starcraft bets

It is important to find the best possible site to place your eSport bets. Questions such as payment methods, eSports availability on the main markets, competitive odds and even bonuses can and should be on your list of selection criteria.

We consider all of this too, of course, but our priority is your safety, so we make a point of testing all the sites being recommended here.

Each operator is evaluated through the use of its resources by our specialized team, which also considers technical and policy factors such as the presence of international regulatory certificates, web security protocols (SSL encryption) and more.

More on StarCraft II eSports Betting

StarCraft II may not be the most popular game of the moment, but it does have a loyal following, especially one that stems from the WarCraft III era and enjoys fusing the strategy of that game with the sci-fi modernity of games like LOL, Valorant, and DOTA2. Still, SCII is unique in what it sets out to offer.

Competitions are less flashy than those of other eSports, but players and fans are deeply passionate about the game, which has been a critical and public success since its release in 2010 and has grown even more so with the ability to compete on Blizzard in a ranked and official manner.

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