Understanding the types of sports betting

From the field of watch and screen, the enthusiasm,  excitement, and thrill that come with sports games have no comparison. Sports has commanded lots of fans all over the world and also fostered unity among them. Sports has seen a new dimension for all to benefit from. As athletes are making fortunes, fans have also been made to take part in the billions of dollars in sports through sports betting. This sports betting has created lots of opportunities, and lots of countries have legalized the practice of betting on sports online. To start betting in sports, 22Bet will give you a smooth means to getting that done. For those who are new to sports betting, knowing about winning and losing is not enough; knowing the different types of bets in online sports betting will help you have diverse wagering options and chances of winning.

Types of online sports betting explained


What makes sports betting unique is the number of ways available to bet on a game and not just betting on who wins or loses. There are different types of bets that can be made in sports.

Money line bets: this type is also known as a straight bet. In this type of bet, you bet that one side will win the sports event. If you forecast that a team will win, you bet on their Moneyline as it wins, and if it’s lost, you bet loses.

Point spread bet: this bet is also known as a handicap bet. In this type of bet, you are betting on a particular team’s margin of victory against the game’s final result. The bet is in a plus and minus format that stands for how many points a team is favoured to win.  A minus symbol specifies a favourite, while the plus symbol defines the underdog.

Over/Under (Totals): this is another popular bet made by betting on a total to go over or under. The bet is made on the combined score of the two teams playing the game and whether the score will fall under or over the number.

Parlay Bets: this is a bet on multiple bet winnings. It mixes Moneyline bet, points spread, and over/under bets. To win in the parlay, every leg or bet must end up as a win to cash out. If your parlay is four legs and three of the four wins, you end up losing all. This is a bet that you bet with a low amount and win a large amount.

Teasers: It resembles a parlay bet because it is tied to multiple bets. The lines are shifted slightly in teasers to favour bettors, reducing risk and intended payouts. Football and basketball have this type of bet. The amount that can be teased is between 6-7 points for football and 4-7 points for basketball.

Other types of betting in sports that players can bet on are prop bets, middle bets, futures bet, live betting, and points betting.


Online sports betting is packed with lots of fun with watching the gaming event happening. As you are relaxing and having fun watching your loved team/player on the field, you will also be making some cash for yourself through the different types of betting in the sportsbook.

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