The Brightest Films of the 80s That Reflect the Era

It was the era of experiments, crazy action movies, absurd comedies and horrors, the birth of cyberpunk, deepening into fiction and youth comedies that remain relevant to this day, as well as 20Bet.

Naked Gun (1988)

And yes, the Zucker brothers again, I liked their work so much, The Naked Gun is a parody of all films about cops and spies, but the film is not limited to this

The main character, Lieutenant Frank Drebin, is the best cop in the world (but not quite) his friend Northberg was shot (they put 5 bullets in him and threw him into the sea, fortunately, none of them touched vital organs) and now he needs to solve the case of the possible murder of the English queen. This movie is so absurd that no one will ever compare it in this regard. The jokes presented in this film will never lose their relevance, and the film can be reviewed endlessly because this is the film that will always evoke positive emotions. The main character Leslie Nielsen played the image of a cop who himself does not understand what he sometimes does, but he is always forgiven. You can include this film in any company, be sure everyone will like it, so it deserves the first place.

The Blues Brothers (1980)

Blues Brothers

Brothers musicians Jake and Elwood’s Blues find out that their native church will be demolished if a fee of 5 thousand dollars is not paid for it in time. The brothers don’t have much time to find money, and they decide to give a concert. However, Jake has just been released from prison, and Elwood has his own troubles with the law, and everyone dreams of getting to them: the police, bandits, neo-Nazis. Before saving the church, the Blues brothers will make a real mess on the streets of Chicago.

The Blues Brothers are not just a movie – it’s a symbol of a bygone era of the 60s, I can talk about it endlessly. First of all, this is a musical, but not in the sense that you thought, the main characters here are losers musicians. The film became famous for the fact that the Blues Brothers band existed in reality and all the musicians played themselves, the music here is great: there is a lot of it and it is different, but it is all beautiful, many famous musicians were invited to the film, including the great Ray Charles who performed his hit here.

Ferris Buehler’s Day Off (1986)

One day in the life of an unusual young man named Ferris, who one fine spring day, before passing the final exams, embarks on all sorts of serious things – skips school and goes to Chicago with his girlfriend and best friend to “come off” to the fullest and enjoy a whole day of freedom with a vengeance.

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